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MMPT public meeting Wednesday, July 12

DOT will host a public meeting Wednesday night at 6 p.m. with the three firms chosen for design and construction of the multi-modal passenger terminal planned for the downtown “gulch.”

Previous public meetings on the project have been geared toward building general familiarity with the project, but this time the designers will come armed with specifics.

"The MMPT team will provide a first look at the three alternative sites being considered for the location of the proposed multimodal station.  Different design sketches of potential footprints for the station will be presented, including elevations and street crossings. The team will discuss what makes the different options feasible, as well as the process for the station planning, public participation and next steps," GDOT said in a press release.

The meeting location is 72 Marietta Street, the former Atlanta Journal-Constitution building. Take transit to Five Points Station, exit on Forsyth Street, walk north half a block to Marietta Street, then turn left and walk west for one block to 72 Marietta Street, which will be on the left.

There was a full house, but not much new information at the MMPT “public kick-off meeting” Wednesday night. It was primarily an introduction to the project for people who didn’t already know much about it and a chance to put faces to the names representing the development team.

There was a pretty brief Q&A segment, but the questions were chosen and read from comment forms by the moderator - a very different feel from the lively, extemporaneous Q&As at MARTA’s public meetings.

One question that did come up was whether the political will to get the MMPT built even exists. John McColl, senior vice president of Cousins Properties, Inc. said that passage of the TIA tax measure in July will be a major generator of that political will.

"If we don’t vote yes, the political will goes away," McColl said. "Everybody in the room has the opportunity to part of this being successful."

Downtown MMPT: Public meeting Wednesday night

The MMPT hasn’t been in the news much since the Georgia DOT signed a contract with the project’s development team last fall, but it’s still alive. If you want to catch up on the whos, whats and wheres of the project, representatives from the development team will be on hand at a public meeting Wednesday night from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Georgia Pacific building downtown.

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