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Today: Downtown Streetcar Public Info Open House

Streetcar route map: CAP/ADID

CAP and ADID are hosting a public information open house from 3:30 to 6:60 today - Wednesday, April 18 - on the topic of redevelopment along the route of the downtown streetcar.

From the CAP/ADID email:

"Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District
in partnership with the City of Atlanta aim to leverage the investment in the Atlanta Streetcar
by encouraging redevelopment along the route of this new transit line in Downtown Atlanta.

Help us develop a transit oriented development plan for the
Sweet Auburn and Fairlie-Poplar neighborhoods

How should vacant and underutilized land be redeveloped?
What uses – housing, retail, office, etc. – are most needed in the neighborhood?
What options are there for re-using and enhancing existing buildings that are vacant today?”

Best transit access to to 236 Auburn Ave. is on the route 16 or route 110 bus. Because of the streetcar construction, both have been re-aligned so that they now run on Courtland from north to south.

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